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Inaugural Edition of Buitenzorg: Journal of Tropical Science

Bogor (Buitenzorg), Indonesia – The scientific community is buzzing with excitement as the inaugural edition of Buitenzorg: Journal of Tropical Science has been officially released. This new journal aims to provide a platform for groundbreaking research in the field of tropical science, and its first edition promises to set a high standard for future issues.

Articles Featured in the First Edition:

  1. Vegetative Performance of a Crossed-Shallot (Allium fistulosum L. x Allium cepa L. var. aggregatum) Applied with Dark Septate Endophyte
    • This study explores the vegetative performance of a hybrid shallot variety when treated with dark septate endophytes, a type of fungi known for enhancing plant growth and stress resistance. The findings offer potential for improved agricultural practices in tropical regions.
  2. Application of the Concept of Growing Degree Days to Determine the Optimal Mango Harvest Schedule in Situbondo
    • Researchers have applied the concept of Growing Degree Days (GDD) to establish the most effective mango harvest schedule in Situbondo, Indonesia. This approach could lead to better yield management and quality control for mango producers in the tropics.
  3. Effects of Seed Storage Duration and Several Germination Media on Germination Power of Pinanga Javana Seeds
    • This article investigates how different storage durations and germination media affect the germination power of Pinanga javana seeds, a palm species native to the tropics. The study provides valuable insights for conservationists and horticulturists aiming to preserve and propagate this species.
  4. Comparison of DNA Extraction Methods for Bornean Ironwood Plant (Eusideroxylon zwageri)
    • A comparative analysis of various DNA extraction methods for the Bornean Ironwood plant is presented. This research is crucial for genetic studies and conservation efforts involving this endangered tropical species.
  5. Potential of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae UNJCC Y-87 and Amino Acid on the Quality of Casgot and the Growth of Water Spinach (Ipomoea Reptans)
    • The final article examines the impact of Saccharomyces cerevisiae UNJCC Y-87 and amino acids on the quality of casgot  and the growth of water spinach. The study highlights the potential of using yeast and amino acids to enhance agricultural productivity and food quality.

Editorial Insights:

The editorial board of Buitenzorg: Journal of Tropical Science expressed their enthusiasm for the journal’s launch, emphasizing the importance of publishing research that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within tropical ecosystems. The board believes that the journal will become an essential resource for scientists, researchers, and practitioners working in tropical science fields.

Dr. Toto Hadiarto, the chief editor, stated, “We are thrilled to launch Buitenzorg: Journal of Tropical Science with such diverse and impactful research articles. Our goal is to foster knowledge exchange and innovation that will benefit both local and global communities.”

The first edition of Buitenzorg: Journal of Tropical Science is now available online, providing open access to all the featured articles. Researchers and enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the journal and contribute to future editions.

For more information and to access the journal, visit Buitenzorg Journal of Tropical Science.

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